Mar 05, 2021

HPR Plus Firmware v2.0 Removes USB-Serial Communication Mode

Biomark has released updated firmware for the HPR Plus PIT tag reader. Version 2.0 of the firmware removes the legacy USB-serial communication mode from the device, which could have ramifications if you are using an HPR Plus with P4 in serial mode and decide to upgrade the firmware.

We applied the firmware upgrade to a device and tested it with P4. After the upgrade, when connecting the reader to a computer via the USB cable, it no longer gives the option to connect via serial mode or native USB, it only connects using native USB. This mode works as expected in P4 if the peripheral Device Type is set to Reader (HPR USB). If you have been connecting the HPR to P4 using the legacy serial mode, you will need to change the Device Type from Reader (Serial) to Reader (HPR USB). If you have been connecting the HPR via Bluetooth or have already been using the native USB mode, nothing needs to change in P4. These potential changes are only necessary if you do upgrade the HPR Plus firmware. You can find out more about other changes in this version of the firmware on the Biomark website.