How to Use a Text File as a Filter on Tag Code

In each Query Builder 2 report, there is an option to upload a text file of PIT tag codes to use as a filter on Tag Code. If you are not familiar with Query Builder 2, please review the documentation first.

Some requirements:

  • The file must contain only PIT tag codes in a single column
  • The file must contain less than 15,000 PIT tag codes
  • It must have an extension of .txt or .csv
In Query Builder 2, near the bottom of the Index of attribute filters, you will see two options for filtering on Tag Code. The first option, highlighted in this example screen shot, is labeled Tag Code – List or Text File. Select this to bring up the dialog that allows you to select and upload your list of PIT tag codes. Then complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Tag attribute (highlight in blue here) to enable the Import File link, then click that link.

  • Click the Choose File button to select the text file of PIT tag codes from your computer.

  • Click the Import button to load the tag codes into the text box. If you only have a few tag codes, you can also just type them into this text box. Click the OK button and run the report.

  • If the Report Details are enabled, you will see a list of all the PIT tags that were imported and used as the filter parameter on Tag Code. You can close the Report Details by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner.