How to Use a Saved Report as a Filter on Tag Code

In each Query Builder 2 report, there is an option to use a saved report as a filter on Tag Code.  If you are not familiar with Query Builder 2, please review the documentation first.

In order to use this feature, you must have at least one saved report in your My Reports folder that only contains the Tag attribute and the Count metric.

This report should be saved as static, by unchecking the Keep report prompted option, as highlighted below.

Once you have your target tags saved in a static report, you can use that report as a filter on another report. In Query Builder 2, near the bottom of the Index of attribute filters, there are two options for filtering on Tag Code with a saved report. These are only different if you are planning to use more than one report as a filter. The Intersection option will use the intersection of tag codes and the Union option will use the union. If you are only using one report, it does not matter which option you select. 

  • Click on your user name in the left-hand list box and then on the My Reports link to see a list of your saved reports.

  • Select one or more reports and click the single right arrow to move them from the left-hand list box to the right-hand list box.

  • Click Run Report