How to browse the data

  • Log in (request a new account, if necessary).
  • Go to Data / Advanced Reporting and click the link to launch the advanced reporting tool.
  • Open the Standard Reports folder.
  • Open the Browse Data folder.
  • Open the report in which you are interested.
  • If your screen looks like this:

    Go to the Tools menu and select both Report Objects and View Filter
  • Now your screen should look like this:

  • DO NOT add the Tag Code attribute until you have filtered your report.
  • You can add other attributes to the report before filtering if there are not many unique values. Good examples of these kinds of attributes are any of the Year attributes or any of the Site attributes.
  • To filter click on the Add Condition link in the View Filter pane.
  • Select an attribute from the combo box labeled Filter On.
  • Select the values on which you would like to filter and click the Check Mark button.
  • You can add attributes to the report by dragging and dropping, or with a right-click to bring up a context menu and selecting Add to Grid.
  • Sort columns by right-clicking on the column header and selecting Sort from the context menu.
  • Move rows and columns by right-clicking on the row or column header and selecting Move from the context menu.
  • Save your report by clicking on the Save icon (also available under the Home menu). Your saved reports are in the My Reports folder.
  • Export your report by clicking on the Export icon (also available under the Home menu).