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Title Requester Date Status
Comparative Survival Study 2020 bchockley 4/3/2020 Implemented
Migration timing and parr-to-smolt estimated survival for wild Snake River spring/summer Chinook salmon smolts gaxel 3/3/2020 Implemented
Investigating the origin and migration patterns of bull trout encountered at Lower Granite Dam dmarshbeta 3/4/2020 Implemented
Estimate growth of Clearwater River fall Chinook yearlings, 2020 ktiffan 3/4/2020 Implemented
Monitoring and evaluation of BY2018 Chinook Salmon smolts released from Idaho hatcheries in the Clearwater and Salmon River basins. beln6matt 3/9/2020 Implemented
Monitoring Upper Salmon River A-run Steelhead Reared in Circular Tanks beln6matt 3/9/2020 Implemented
Wallowa and Imnaha Stock Steelhead Smolt Monitoring and Evaluation_2020 Releases pkeniry 4/1/2020 Implemented
Nez Perce Tribe 2020 Separation by Code Request 3/17/2020 Implemented
2020 Lyons Ferry Hatchery Complex -Snake River, Steelhead Tributary Releases milletlm 3/27/2020 Implemented
Performance Evaluation of PIT tagged yearling Chinook released at Lyons Ferry Hatchery 2020 gridearg 4/3/2020 Implemented
Brood year 2019 Grande Ronde River release gridearg 5/5/2020 Implemented
Performance Evaluation of PIT tagged subyearling Chinook released at Lyons Ferry Hatchery 2020 gridearg 5/14/2020 Implemented
John Day Adult Steelhead Overshoot Investigation tattamia 7/10/2020 Submitted