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Evaluation of Pound Nets as Stock-selective Fishing Tools in the Lower Columbia Sub-basin
Objectives: Wild Fish Conservancy and partners will test the performance of an experimental pound net trap in the Lower Columbia Sub-basin (Cathlamet, WA) during August-October 2017 to identify a viable stock-selective commercial fishing gear. Specifically, objectives are to quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of pound nets in capturing salmon, targeting hatchery reared Fall Chinook and coho, and reducing cumulative bycatch mortality of ESA-listed fishes. Summary of work: The performance of pound nets relative to previously tested commercial gears will be examined through a Year-2 tag, release, and recapture study in which catch-per-unit-effort, capture conditions, bycatch, and cumulative survival of Chinook, coho, and steelhead are monitored. Benefits: If the gear proves effective in capturing an equal or greater number of salmonids with improved cumulative survivorship of released fishes relative to previously tested gears, a viable stock-selective tool may be made available in Columbia River fisheries and beyond, enabling salmonid recovery, development of sustainable fisheries, and rejuvenation of local economies.