2004 PIT Tag Workshop

January 13-14, 2004

2004 Workshop Presentations

  • Next Generation Transceiver Development

    Sean Casey   High Q Interrogation - BON PH2 Corner Collector; New PIT Tags   Abstract   N/A 
    Joe Zydlewski  New PIT Tags / Collision Analysis / Approval Process  Abstract  Presentation
    Sean Casey  Next Generation (Gen 2) Reader; Multiplexor Technology; Single-Use Injectors   Abstract   N/A
  • Small Stream Installations

    Alex Haro   New Applications and Potential Standards for Fish Passage Evaluation    Abstract   Presentation12
    Gayle Zydlewski  Development of Small Stream PIT Tag Interrogation Units for Imperiled CRB Trout  Abstract  Presentation
    Ian Jezorek  In-stream detection of resident salmonids in the White Salmon River Watershed  Abstract  Presentation
    Luther Way  In-Situ Verification of Mobile PIT Tag Detection Systems  Abstract  Presentation
    Steve Achord  In-stream monitoring of wild juvenile salmonids in Valley Creek, Idaho  Abstract  Presentation
    Vince Tranquilli  Tracking a High Risk Fluvial Bull Trout Population with Half-duplex PIT Tags  Abstract  Presentation
    Bruce Hansen  Ecological Criteria for Prioritization of Culvert Replacement  Abstract  Presentation
  • Applications

    Polly Rankin  Using PIT Tags in a Wild Marine Fish to Directly Estimate Exploitation Rate   Abstract   Presentation 
    Mike Hawbecker Custom Data Applications used to Integrate PIT Tag Information with Study-specific Data  Abstract  Presentation
    Bill Bosch  Using PIT tags to evaluate survival of kelt steelhead in the Yakima River Basin  Abstract  Presentation
    Charmane Ashbrook  Using PIT tags to evaluate survival of spring chinook captured in commercial gear  Abstract  Presentation
    Paul Ocker  MCN Transportation Study for mid-Columbia Hatchery Fish  Abstract  Presentation
    Brad Ryan Use of PIT Tags to Evaluate Predation by Colonial Waterbirds on Juvenile Salmonids  Abstract  Presentation
    Chris Peery  Use of known-source salmon to evaluate homing and survival of adult migrants  Abstract  Presentation
  • Survival Models

    Charlie Paulsen   Methods to compare multi-year and multi-site differences in survival rates   Abstract  Presentation 
    Doug Neeley   Using Expanded Passage Estimates to Estimate Survival Indices  Abstract  Presentation
    Ben Sandford   Survival Estimation Using Estimated Daily Detection Probabilities  Abstract  Presentation
    Steve Smith   NMFS, PTAGIS, SNKTRP, CJS, and SURPH  Abstract  Presentation
    Tom Berggren   Experiences in Handling PTAGIS Data in the Comparative Survival Study  Abstract  Presentation
  • Adult Salmon Detections

    Sandy Downing   Comparison of three methods for determining antenna replacement criteria   Abstract  Presentation
    Steve Anglea  Evaluation of the PIT Tag Detection Arrays in the Priest Rapids Dam Adult Ladders  Abstract  Presentation
    Shane Bickford   An Evaluation of the Wells Dam Adult PIT Tag Interrogation System  Abstract  Presentation
    Sandy Downing  Overview of the Performance of PIT Tag Interrogation Systems for Adult Salmonids  Abstract  Presentation