Nov 09, 2017

P4 Version 1.18 Now Available

The latest version of P4 is now available for download.

In addition to the bug fixes and enhancements which can be read about in the release notes, this version includes an enhancement for the Adjust Dates tool in Record Management. It allows the values in Event Date to be updated using the values in Release Date and vice versa. This feature can be used to update data originally submitted in P3 files using VRT codes, so that the Event Date is more accurate.

In the example shown below, a session has been imported from a P3 file where the Tag Date in the header was set to 04/01/2017, but Release Dates were set using VRT codes and are different across the session. Assuming that the VRT Release Date is more representative of the Event Date for these fish, the Adjust Dates tool can be used to update the Event Date field with the values from the Release Date field.