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2018 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF2.58 MB17 Sep, 2019 Download
2017 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF2.86 MB27 Sep, 2018 Download
2016 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF2.83 MB18 Jul, 2017 Download
2015 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF1.81 MB22 Jul, 2016 Download
2014 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF1.96 MB19 Mar, 2015 Download
2013 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.20 MB19 Jun, 2014 Download
2011-2012 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.37 MB22 Jan, 2013 Download
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2008-2009 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF536.88 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
2007-2008 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF895.76 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
2006-2007 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF3.25 MB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2004-2005 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF361.31 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2002-2003 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF245.96 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
2001-2002 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF239.13 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
1999-2000 Annual Report Project 1990-080-00PDF167.24 KB05 Jun, 2012 Download
PIT Tag Specification Document 2009PDF7.07 MB23 Mar, 2012 Download
PIT Tag Steering Committee CharterPDF164.13 KB23 Mar, 2012 Download
Statistical Method of Determining PIT-Tag Coil Reading EfficiencyPDF11.01 KB31 Jan, 2013 Download
Interrogation Site Request FormDOCX23.50 KB05 Jun, 2013 Download
Email to Tag Data Project Coordinators-19Sep2013PDF266.14 KB10 Oct, 2013 Download
COE and BPA MOU Regarding PIT Tag InfrastructurePDF80.99 KB06 Mar, 2014 Download
2014 Mark Procedures ManualPDF1.41 MB11 Mar, 2014 Download
Comprehensive PIT Tag Evaluation ProcedurePDF315.82 KB20 Oct, 2016 Download
FS2020 Dual Mode Performance EvaluationPDF371.32 KB12 Apr, 2018 Download
Prosser (PRO) Chandler Dam Lamprey Issue_ 23 May 2017PDF822.01 KB12 Apr, 2018 Download
PTAGIS O&M Concerns Using FDX Tags in Adult and Juvenile Lamprey Studies V1.0 2018.04.18PDF1.37 MB18 Apr, 2018 Download