The PIT Tag Steering Committee’s guidelines for use of the PTAGIS dataset are as follows:

Those who submit data:

  1. Data contributors recognize and accept that data submitted to PTAGIS are immediately available to anyone who is a registered PTAGIS user.
  2. Data contributors should ensure data accuracy to the extent possible prior to submittal. Corrections, if necessary, should be made in a timely manner.
  3. All tagging data submitted to PTAGIS are associated with a Tag Data Coordinator (i.e., the person responsible for the data), and all interrogation data are associated with a Site Data Steward. As the Tag Data Coordinator or Site Data Steward, your contact information will be available to data users so you can be contacted regarding your data.
  4. All tagging data in the PTAGIS database are assumed to be preliminary until and unless the appropriate Tag Data Coordinator verifies the integrity and application of those data.

Those who use data:

The Data User is expected to contact the appropriate Tag Data Coordinator(s) prior to significant use of data from any release group in any publication or presentation for other than internal distribution. This includes both peer-reviewed and non-reviewed documents. Data users will contact the Tag Data Coordinators in order to:

  1. Obtain verification and context for data.
  2. Secure appropriate permissions prior to submission for publication.
  3. Arrange appropriate acknowledgements, citations and/or authorships.