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Problems with SbyC Action page

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  • Tiffani Marsh
    dmarshbeta avatar
    13 posts
    06 Jul 2012
    05 Feb 2013

    I was able to put all my SbyC actions in the list.  Each time, when I clicked on "Add SbyC Action", the entry form auto-filled with the values from the first action I created, the adult recapture.  Which is fine, I just need to remember to change the necessary ones (which I forgot in one instance).  I don't know if it is supposed to do that or not.

    When I went back to edit one of actions, the entry box again filled with the values from the first action I created instead of the values for the action I wanted to edit.  This doesn't seem correct.

    Thanks for all your help.
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  • Sebastian Dudek avatar
    38 posts
    17 Feb 2012
    05 Feb 2013 in reply to dmarshbeta

    The Separation By Code problem you describe is fixed now.  We are sorry for the inconvenience caused

    Thank you for using our forums.

    Sebastian Dudek
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