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Forecaster: "Missing" Release Location for second ESU

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  • Cindy Fitzgerald
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    7 posts
    15 Feb 2013
    05 Mar 2015
    In the Forecaster, I can enter an ESU and select a release location for it.  But when I enter another ESU, the release location that I selected for the previous ESU is not available to select for the second ESU. 
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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
    65 posts
    21 Feb 2012
    11 Mar 2015 in reply to cfitzgerald
    The release locations for each ESU were selected
    based on GIS data – if a release location intersected with the polygon for an
    ESU, then it is available to select for that ESU. We realized during testing
    that some trapping/releases for specific ESUs occurs downstream of the spatial data boundary, but decided to add those in when they are encountered by users. 

    If you need to select a release site for an ESU, but it is not available in the drop-down list, please send the ESU and release site to me and I will make it available.
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