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Beta site comments/questions

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  • Tiffani Marsh
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    06 Jul 2012
    01 Nov 2012
    I've been playing with the new beta site this afternoon and have come across a couple issues. At first, I tried to use the site without watching the videos to see how intuitive it was. I then watched the videos, which were good by the way. Finally, I tried some of the tasks discussed in the videos, but I still have comments/questions.

    1) If I login on the Home page, why can't I just go directly to the page with My Reports, My Subscriptions, etc., i.e., without having to drill down through multiple layers to get there?

    2) In creating a query in Interrogation Summary, there have to be Attributes for the report to run, but why do I have to have Metrics?  Everything I want is on the attribute list, I don't need summary information, which is what most of the metrics are.

    3) I saved a report to My Reports that pulls every 2012 coil hit from all the juvenile detection sites for fish from the studies with which I'm involved. This report has multiple Coordinator IDs, all the Site IDs, the date range I want, and is laid out like I want. I also need most of the same report parameters for an adult report, but with adult detection sites instead of juvenile detection sites. Thinking I'd be efficient, I copied the juvenile report, renamed it, but can't find a way to edit it. There is no menu item or choice when you right click to edit reports. Let me know if I missed something. According to one of the videos, I can edit a report after I run it, but, at this time of the year, the juvenile report yields more than a million records, which, even if I had permission to exceed a million records, would take a while to run and download to my screen. As another reason to be able to edit reports, next year, I'll want to change the date parameters in the three reports I have saved to 2013 instead of 2012 (and keep everything else the same), but I'll have to run the 2012 reports to do that. Because my reports are so large, I'd never run a report to the screen (I'll always send them to the History List and download them). I hope I've missed something; otherwise, it seems very inefficient to have to run a report just to be able to edit it.

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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    01 Nov 2012 in reply to dmarshbeta
    Thanks for the detailed comments and questions. I'm glad you like the system overall and that the tutorials are helpful. Here are some answers to your questions:

    1. That is a good point and we will put a way to launch the reporting system directly from the home page once you are logged in.

    2. Because of the structure of the reporting system, the Count metric must be included in every report, but it does not need to be on the grid. All other metrics are optional. We originally did not include the metrics in the QB2 reports (except for Count), but thought they might be useful to folks. The Count metric is already selected by default for all QB2 reports, so you can just ignore that prompt. The Count metric is included on the grid by default, but we could make it appear only in the Report Objects until the user decides to move it onto the grid. 

    3.  When you save a report, it will now save by default with all the attribute and filter prompts. The current filter parameters will be set as the default answers, so all you need to do is hit the Run Report (or export) button if you just want to run the report as is. However, if you want to edit it this gives you the option of changing any of the filters or attributes at run time. 

    You do still have to run the report after you change the filter parameters to be able to save it. You can send the report to your History List, but once it is ready you need to open the report to save the changes. We are looking into adding a Save button so that you could just save the report and then export the results.

     Some information about this is in the written documentation. I will add more information about these Advanced Options (when saving a report) to the tutorial videos and documentation.

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