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M4 data files

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  • Dave Marvin
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    02 Nov 2012
    06 May 2013
    I read the May 1 "Progress Report on PTAGIS Systems Upgrade" and noted that "Interrogation sites that are managed by PTAGIS are using M4 as the primary data collection platform and are submitting data files approximately every hour."  A spot check of raw interrogation files suggests that MultiMon is still being used at SxC sites, and MiniMon is being used at other PSMFC-managed sites.  I did see that, since April 12, BCC has switched to the "MINIMON PATCH; M4" format, and PTAGIS is generating these patch files hourly.  I also see that the BCC patch files contain detection data only, and no diagnostics, spurious tags, etc., as recorded in the previous "MINIMON FOR BCC V.1.5.1" software.

    Can you clarify which PSMFC-managed sites are using M4 as the primary data collection platform?  Are the data files from those sites available from PTAGIS to view and download?

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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    07 May 2013 in reply to Dave.Marvin
    All PTAGIS maintained sites are collecting data with old and
    new interrogation software simultaneously and submitting those data files to the old and new database systems, respectively. The new database server is the primary data source for the new reporting system. Interrogation files from non-PTAGIS maintained sites are being converted to M4 formatted files and loaded into the new database server directly, as well as
    being loaded into the old server. Tagging data is being synchronized from the old server to the new server on a schedule throughout the day. 

    M4 files are located on this ftp server for the time being: In the next month or so we will be working on consolidating all the raw data files in one location and providing a tool on the website for browsing, searching and viewing the files. We will also provide an XSLT stylesheet so that the M4 files will be displayed in a more readable format.
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