Validation Code : Flag

Coded Wire Tag (Peduncle)
A coded wire tag (CWT) located in the caudal peduncle of a fish. The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation operates the Okanogan Summer Steelhead Broodstock, Acclimation, and Monitoring Program (BAM or BAM Program) as a summer steelhead conservation program in the Okanogan River basin. BAM is currently working on a multi-year CWT retention study. The focus of the study is looking at CWT retention of tags placed in the caudal peduncle. BAM has been coordinating with various agencies sampling summer steelhead in the Upper Columbia River basin to help collect this data in order to increase sample size for the study. A CWT in the caudal peduncle has also been an identifier for Omak Creek hatchery steelhead for many years. BAM plans to continue this marking strategy for all Okanogan Basin hatchery steelhead. Adding this flag code would help streamline data collection across agencies as well as make querying this data easier.