2011 PIT Tag Workshop

January 25-27, 2011
Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA

2011 Workshop Presentations

  • RM&E Applications

    Bradley Cramer  The Use of Digital Imagery and Mobile Computers in PIT Tag Studies  Abstract  Presentation 
    Bob Magie  Mobile SbyC Deployment and Testing in 2010 Abstract  N/A
    Brett Bowersox Utilizing PIT-tag Technology to Monitor White Sturgeon in the Hell’s Canyon Reach of the Snake River, Idaho Abstract  N/A 
    Carla Hurlbert COE Walla Walla District Planned Usage of PIT Tags for Research Studies in the Snake and Columbia rivers Abstract  Presentation 
    Curt Dotson Investigation of Avian Predation upon Salmonid Smolts with the Use of an Active/PIT Tag Combination  Abstract  Presentation 
    Dan Rawding Comparison of PIT tag detection rates in adult salmon and steelhead with various handheld transceivers and antennas Abstract  N/A 
    Jeff Fryer The use of PIT tag imprinted video images in CRITFC adult and juvenile salmon research at Bonneville Dam Abstract  Presentation 
    Matt Nesbit  Instream PIT-Tag detection efficiencies under various river conditions  Abstract  N/A 
    Scott Sebring  Relative Vulnerability of PIT-Tagged Subyearling Fall Chinook to Avian Predation in the Columbia River Estuary  Abstract  Presentation 
    Lance Clarke  Migration and survival of a new line of summer steelhead derived from hatchery parents collected in the Grande Ronde River  Abstract   
  • Data Management

    Dave Marvin  PTAGIS: The first 20 years Abstract  Presentation
    Craig White  Next Generation PTAGIS Web Reporting Abstract  Presentation
    John Tenney Development of the M4 Interrogation Application: a comprehensive approach Abstract  Presentation
    Jody White An integrated system for real-time site monitoring, data management and data analysis at automated PIT antenna array sites Abstract  N/A 
    Josh Murauskas How to Acquire Sum Information on Historical PIT-tagging Efforts in the Columbia Basin Abstract  Presentation 
    Ryan Richmond Methods and techniques used to improve the data quality of a survival study Abstract  Presentation
  • Detection Methods

    Dave Marvin  Designing, Operating, and Maintaining Robust PIT tag Interrogation Systems at Fish Passage Facilities Abstract  Presentation
    Matt Morris  Evolution and Design of PIT-Tag Antenna Efficiency Testing Techniques Abstract  Presentation
    Jason Vogel Steelhead and Chinook Abundance Monitoring Utilizing PIT Tag Arrays Abstract  Presentation
    Amy Cook New Observations in PIT tag Detection Data Collected with a Surface Trawl in the Columbia River Estuary Abstract  Presentation 
    Steve Anglea New PIT Tag Detection at the Rocky Reach Dam Juvenile Fish Bypass Abstract  N/A 
  • Tag Effects

    Eric Janney Direct assessment of the effects of capturing and marking animals on post-release survival Abstract  N/A
    Curt Knudsen  Short- and long-term impacts of PIT tags on hatchery Fall and Spring Chinook Abstract  N/A
    Steve Smith Effects of PIT Tags on the survival of Salmon River wild Chinook Abstract  N/A
    Scott McCutcheon Methods to mitigate tagging effects Abstract  Presentation
    John Cassinelli The Use of PIT Tags to Monitor Adult Chinook Salmon Returns to Idaho Abstract  Presentation 
  • Data Modeling and Analysis

    Tiffani Marsh Combining PIT Tags & Scale Reading to Better Understand the Life History of Snake River Fall Chinook Abstract  Presentation
    Brice Semmens  Bayesian estimation of population-specific Snake River Adult Escapement based on PIT tag data and window counts Abstract  N/A
    Rebecca Buchanan Investigating Migratory Processes using Program ROSTER Abstract  Presentation
    Ben Sandford Examining the effects of juvenile migration timing on adult age of Columbia River salmon Abstract  Presentation
    Nick Bouwes Using mobile and passive antennas to improve estimates of survival, tracking of movement, and habitat use of salmonids Abstract  N/A
  • Resource Management Implications

    Al Giorgi  Status of regional PIT-tag coordination efforts Abstract  Presentation
    Matt Mesa Development Of Standard Protocols for PIT-tagging Juvenile Lampreys Abstract  N/A
    Kirk Schroeder Looking for Pieces of the Puzzle: Life History of Spring Chinook Salmon in the Willamette Basin Abstract  Presentation
    Jason Vogel Snake Basin Hatchery and Harvest Management Coordination: Tools for Building Consensus Abstract  Presentation 
    Dan Rawding PIT tag sampling of treaty and commercial fisheries in the Lower Columbia River Abstract  N/A 
    Jeff Fryer Conversion rates of adult sockeye between Bonneville Dam and the Wenatchee and Okanogan Basins Abstract  Presentation
  • New Technologies

    Heiden Bliss  History and development of Pre-loaded Single Use Injectors Abstract  Presentation
    Sandra Downing New PIT tag technologies Abstract  Presentation
    Sandra Downing Development of an Ogee-based PIT-tag Detection System for Spillbays Abstract  Presentation
    Scott McCutcheon Comparison of Preloaded Single Use Injector to Multiple Use Injectors Abstract  Presentation 
    Chris Caudill The use of PIT tags to evaluate passage of adult Pacific lamprey at Columbia and Snake river dams Abstract  Presentation