Jan 18, 2019

PIT Tag Reader Loaner Program

PTAGIS and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) are pleased to announce the start of a PIT tag reader loaner program to help make modern PIT tag readers available to BPA funded Fish and Wildlife projects at reduced costs.

BPA has requested that Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Programs discontinue use of Destron-Fearing FS2001 portable PIT tag readers as they are no longer supported by Biomark and may pose a safety hazard (see news item from June 11, 2018).

BPA has purchased two HPR Plus and five HPR Lite readers to be part of the PIT tag reader loaner program initially. PTAGIS will house the readers and coordinate the loaner program. The readers will be available to borrow for up to three months at a time, with the option to extend the lending period as availability permits.

If you are interested in borrowing one of these readers for your BPA Fish and Wildlife project during the 2019 calendar year, please complete the form linked to below.

Request Form