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  • Joshua Hanson
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    12 Dec 2012
    07 Jan 2016
    I'd like to use a digital caliper to record lengths in P3.  The caliper I purchased came with software (GageWedge) that allows me to input readings into Windows based programs (Excel, Access, etc), so I'm able to feed caliper readings into P3. Unfortunately the resolution of the caliper is fixed to the hundredth so P3 interprets 150.11 mm as 15011 mm. More advanced software (WinWedge) is available that allows formatting of incoming data, but wanted to see if there is anything that could be done on the P3 side of the equation before I spend money on the advanced software.  Thanks.
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  • John Tenney
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    02 May 2012
    08 Jan 2016 in reply to hansonj
    Hi Joshua,

    We're no longer upgrading P3 at this present time because we're putting all our efforts and resources in the next-gen P4 software, which is already in a limited beta release.

    We can consider making the caliper output round to the nearest mm in P4 if you think you'd upgrade from P3 to P4. Ideally we'd like to support a family of these type of devices without having to have customize P4 for each model/output format.

    Can you send me a link or additional information about your particular model and manufacturer?
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