Date requested: 4/6/2017 12:25:40 PM

Requester: Lance Clarke

Requester email: lance.r.clarke@state.or.us

Request status: Implemented

Action and Files
Target group Site Action Tags for Action Total Tags Released Start Date End date Additional Info
Wallowa Stock Smolts in Monitor Mode Transport Monitor 16,000 23,000 4/5/2017 7/31/2017 Note that 3,400 PIT tagged Wallowa Stock smolts were emergency-released from the Big Canyon Acclimation Site on March 16 due to flooding issues. Of these 3,400 tags, 2,000 were designated for Monitor Mode.
Imnaha Stock smolts in Monitor Mode Transport Monitor 8,000 15,000 4/5/2017 7/31/2017
Title: Wallowa and Imnaha Stock Steelhead Smolt Monitoring and Evaluation
Project Lead: Lance Clarke
Agency: ODFW
Project Number: ODFW Project Number 40800-732002
Funding Agency: LSRCP
Project Objectives: We have PIT-tagged 23,000 Wallowa Stock hatchery smolts representing three groups, 12,000 PIT-tagged smolts released from ODFW acclimation facilities in the Grande Ronde River basin will be designated monitor mode (run of the river), 4,000 Wallowa stock smolts will be released from a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife acclimation facility in the Grande Ronde River basin and will also be designated monitor mode (run of the river), and 7,000 smolts that will be designated for default mode. For the 16,000 smolts in monitor mode we would like these fish to represent untagged fish at all transport sites. We have PIT-tagged 15,000 Imnaha Stock hatchery smolts representing two groups; 8,000 PIT-tagged smolts released from an ODFW acclimation facility in the Imnaha River basin will be designated monitor mode (run of the river) and 7,000 released from the same facility will be in default mode.
Study Description: This is the thirteenth year for this request. These fish are part of the Lower Snake River Compensation Plan (LSRCP) program for steelhead, and are monitored under ODFW Project #40800 732002 through the ODFW NE Region Fish Research and Development Office.
Juvenile Description: These are Wallowa and Imnaha Stock hatchery steelhead smolts reared to the yearling stage at Irrigon Hatchery, PIT tagged at Irrigon Hatchery in December and January, and were due to be released from ODFW’s Wallowa Hatchery Acclimation Facility, Big Canyon Acclimation Facility, Little Sheep Creek Acclimation Facility and WDFW’s Cottonwood Acclimation Facility beginning in April 2015. However, due to flooding issues, 3,400 PIT tagged smolts at the Big Canyon Facility were emergency released to the river on March 16, 2017. At this time we do not anticipate other emergency releases. We tagged 23,000 Wallowa stock smolts, of which 16,000 will be designated monitor mode and the other 7,000 will be default mode and used for the Comparative Survival Study. Fifteen thousand Imnaha stock smolts were PIT tagged, of which 8,000 are designated Monitor Mode.
Smolt-to-Adult Ratio: We are using 7,000 PIT tags in Wallowa stock smolts to evaluate smolt-to-adult return rates for two experimental groups; one group of 3,000 tags released from the Wallowa Hatchery Acclimation Facility and a second group of 4,000 tags released from WDFW's Cottonwood Acclimation Facility. These tags have been designated as Monitor Mode.
Collection Efficiency: I believe our study design is sufficient to calculate a collection efficiency; however, this metric is not of interest to us.
Adult Description: No adults will be PIT tagged for this study
Certify: True