Dec 12, 2016

P4 Training Coming in January/February

The new PTAGIS field tagging software, P4, was released this past fall and is available to use for production data collection. To help with transitioning from P3 to P4, PTAGIS will be holding 5 single-day training sessions in various locations around the Columbia Basin, plus one online webinar. Locations and dates for these sessions are listed below. 

Registration for the training sessions will be opening soon; please be on the lookout for an email to register. Space is limited and registration is required to attend.

Date Location
1/19/2017 Portland, OR
1/25/2017 Boise, ID
1/26/2017 Lewiston, ID
2/1/2017 Pasco, WA
2/2/2017 Wenatchee, WA
2/15/2017 Webinar